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Friday 6 pm - 9 pm
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Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm

Past Events

Working Bee

Saturday 15.06.2013 from 1-4pm

We would like to get back to the tradidion where members joined us a few times a year to tend to anything that needed repair or cleaning.
Come and help us beautify our club.

Childrens' Day

Sunday 02.06.2013 from 12-2pm

Bring your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces and their friends for an afternoon filled with games, activities and raffles for the kids.


Saturday 11.05.2013 from 7.30pm


A 3 piece continental band consisting of an accordion, guitarist/violinist and drummer. Unisounds are a 'happy' band that sing in many languages, are full of life and very entertaining playing regularly at Hubertus, the Polish club, and many other venues. They are also know as 'Tirolean Echo' and many years ago played at our Club as 'The Masters'.

So, come and dance the night away, be entertained and try your luck in the raffle.

Bookings: 0404 058 512. Tickets just $10.

Carboot sale

Carboot sale

Sunday 05.05.2013 from 10-12pm

Saussage sizzle, Czech beer, Restaurant will be open for traditional meals after 12pm.

Turn you unwanted treasures into cash. Start cleaning out your garage, shed, cupboards and drawers!

Rain hail or shine! In the event of bad weather we'll move the sale under cover.

Reserve your spot for just $10.

Čarodejnice / Traditional bonfire

Saturday 27.04.2013 from 5pm

(subject to fire restrictions)

The end of April is when winter is ceremonially brought to an end by the burning of rag and straw witches on bonfires around the country. It is a festival that offers everyone the chance to eat, drink and be merry around a roaring fire (some even dress up as witches and ghouls).

So join us for a great night under the stars cooking sausages over an open fire the traditional way. 

Easter Activities for Kids

Sunday 24.03.2013 from 12-3pm

Traditional Easter activities such as real egg decorating as well as colouring in and games

Working Bee

Saturday 06.04.2013 from

We would like to get back to the tradition where members joined us once a month to tend to anything that needed repair or cleaning. Come and help us beautify our Club. Volunteers welcome.

Josefovska / ?Josef? Day

Saturday 16.03.2013 from 7pm

Entry $15

?Josef/Jozef? is such a popular name in our homeland that we have a special day dedicated to celebrate it. Everyone is welcome, especially if your name is Josef/Jozef. Join us for a night filled with music, good cheer and Raffle.
Bookings: Phone 0404 058 512, email cscclubsydney@gmail.com or contact us on facebook.


Carboot sale

Saussage sizzle, Czech beer, Restaurant will be open for traditional meals after 12pm.

Turn you unwanted treasures into cash. Start cleaning out your garage, shed, cupboards and drawers!

Reserve your spot for just $10.

Jak mi dupou kralici

The Czech Consulate and the CzechoSlovakian Country Club are pleased to welcome you to a very special event.

The famous singer, author, poet and well regarded Czech artist Jan Vodnansky will be performing his classic and new material at this one only Sydney show. 

Please note the performance is in Czech only and full details can be viewed on our Czech webpage.

The show is free however we recommend securing your place in advance to avoid dissappointment. Please call Liba on 0404 058 512. 


Valentines day 

Summer BBQ

To kick-start the New Year and our re-opening for 2013, the CS Club held a Summer BBQ on Sunday the 3rd of February 2013, where members young and old, came to renew their membership and enjoy a grilled Kransky sausage with a freshly pulled pint of Czech Kozel.
Thank you to all those that came to renew their membership for 2013.

Summer BBQ 


Thank you to all those that joined us in celebrating and welcoming in the New Year. We hope you had a wonderful time. Photos from the evening are on our Facebook page 

We'd also like to thank our sponsors, Skoda and Pirtek for their kind donations to our Raffle Prize draw, and Mirka and Arno?t Trejbalovi

for their donation of an Opal necklace.Thank you.


Happy New Year! 



Thank you to all that came and celebrated St Nicholas Day with us (The Real Santa Claus)

It was great to see so many children enjoying the special tradition of Mikulas and so many parents and grandparents bringing along gifts for Saint Nicholas to hand out to their children. We had so many the stage was full of them! 

We hope you all had a great day and the children enjoyed their little treats and parents enjoyed the music of Ivo Bilik.

A special thank you to our MC, Mikulas, Angel and Devil who entertained us with a performance that stole the show and put fear into the hearts of many children and some adults.

Last but not least we'd like to thank all that made the day possible. If you missed out on purchasing Krtek toys you can do that online from www.generationtoys.com.au.

Photos from Mikulas

Click to view more photos from the day 

Games to play! Things to do! Activities to do at home.

Discover more about the history and tradition of Saint Nicholas and activities you can do at home to join in the spirit of Saint Nicholas. There are plenty of childrens games, colouring, memory, puzzles and games to cut and play online. www.stnicholascenter.org

Make your own Saint Nicholas moon cookies
with this simple and delicious recipe. It has a heart warming story too and reminds us of how special this tradition is to many people.

About St Nicholas Day

St Nicholas was a Bishop known for his kindness. He showed people how to care for each other and helped them when in trouble. He often did this in secret by giving people gifts, soon gaining a reputation as a bringer of gifts.

Today, Saint Nicholas Day is a very special day in the children's calendar and every year Saint Nicholas and his helpers stop by our club to reward all good children with treats and a little suprise for those especially good. We hope to see you all next year.



Gala Night - Saturday, 10th November 2012

Thank you to all those that attended our Gala dinner, we hope you had a lovely evening.

Many came dressed in their finest evening wear and danced the night away to the tunes of Ivo Bilik.
All guests enjoyed traditional Czech 'Oblo?ené chlebíčky' canapes and one lucky person won the first prize in the raffle, a beautiful pair of gold 14 crt earrings kindly donated by Mirka and Arnost Trejbal. Thank you.

We took this opportunity to thank the Founding Members of the CzechoSlovakian Country Club and give them a token of our appreciation for all their hard work to provide us a meeting place and helping us maintain our CzechoSlovakian traditions in Sydney.

 Photos from Gala Dinner 

Click to view more photos from the evening


chlebicky.jpg earrings.jpg




The 94th Anniversary of the first CzechoSlovak State

The CzechoSlovakian Country Club held an event to commemorate the 94th Anniversary of a very special day, the founding of the first CzechoSlovak State.


Saturday 27th of October
Ivo Bilik played from 7pm till late

On October 28, 1918, Alois Jirasek read the Proclamation of Independence of Czechoslovakia in front of the Saint Wenceslas statue.This represented the fulfilment of a long-time dream of Czech and Slovak citizens.
With Tomas Garrigue Masaryk as its first president, Czechoslovakia rose as one of the succession states of Austria-Hungary at the end of WWI and became one of the ten richest countries in the world as it inherited most of Austria?s industry.

October 28th is mainly celebrated to remember the happy democratic era known as the First Republic.On this day each year The President?s speech is televised and medals are awarded to those who have done great deeds. Thousands of leading citizens are invited to the Independence Day Ceremony at Prague Castle, where the great halls are open and delicious food and drinks are served.

So honour this day with us... raise your glass to mark this day in 1918 when Czechoslovakia emerged from the shadows of the Austro-Hungarian Empire!